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Private guided tour

A trip to Santa Fe Island is one of the more popular private charter tours that we offer. The private tour follows a similar itinerary as the scheduled Santa Fe day tour but allows time for some artisanal fishing and more snorkeling. Private charters to Santa Fe do not disembark on Santa Fe Island but you do have the opportunity to go ashore at a secluded beach called Playa Escondida. If you have a larger group or are looking for more flexibility with your activities, a private Santa Fe tour could be ideal.

Tour Highlights and Inclusions:

Santa Fe Galapagos Fishing Charter Snorkeling with Sea Lion - Galapagos AlterNATIVE Playa Escondida Sea Turtles Mating

English Name: Barrington Island         Spanish Name: Isla Santa Fe

Location & Geography: Santa Fe Island, located southwest of Santa Cruz, is one of the oldest islands in the Galapagos archepelago.

Terrestrial Wildlife: Colonies of California Sea Lions, Barrington Land Iguanas, and a few unique rodents.

Marine Wildlife: Sea Turtles, White Tip Sharks, Various Rays, Pelagic Fish and (of course) Sea Lions

Difficulty: Moderate due to terrain and exposure : wet landing from zodiac , open water snorkeling, moderate hiking.

You will need: closed shoes, water, hat, sunscreen, snorkel gear, bathing suit/ change of clothes and light jacket for the return trip.

Playa Escondida Apiary Playa Escondida Fish Box Santa Fe Fishing Charter Tour
Start time: 9am at hotel Duration: full day Origin: Santa Cruz Embarcation Point: Puerto Ayora
Group Size: 10 maximum Vessel Type: Motor Yatch Activity level: leisurely Total Travel Time: Water 2-4 hours

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