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The tours and activities we arrange at Galapagos AlterNATIVE are as unique as our guests. We cater to your personal preferences and strive to provide you with a truly individual experience of our island home. Whether you prefer wildlife viewing, lounging on the beach or seeking adventure, we can put together a custom tour to match your budget, lifestyle and interests.

Because we are a small company with expansive local knowledge, we're able to build as much flexibility into your Galapagos experience as you desire. Engage in the activities you enjoy on your own schedule and learn about the Galapagos people and their local flair. We want you to fall in love with our Galapagos, and to see the true culture and diversity of the Galapagos Islands through a native eye.

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Santa Cruz Island Activities and Tours

los gemelos Galapagos AlterNATIVE
Santa Cruz Highlands Tour>>
Frigate Chic North Seymour Tour Galapagos AlterNATIVE
Explore North Seymour Island >>
Bartolome Island Galapagos AlterNATIVE
Journey to Bartolome >>
Tortuga Bay Blue Footed Boobie
A Day at Tortuga Bay Beach >>
Darwin Center Tortoise Galapagos AlterNATIVE
Charles Darwin Research Station >>
Santa Cruz Bay Tour Galapagos AlterNATIVE
Santa Cruz Bay Outing >>
Las Grietas Galapagos AlterNATIVE
Las Grietas Expedition >>
Galapagos Alternative Marine Iguana Relaxing
Voyage to Floreana >>

Isabela Island Activities and Tours

Hike the Sierra Negra Volcano with Galapagos AlterNATIVE
Sierra Negra Volcano Adventure
Isabela Bay Tour Galapagos AlterNATIVE
Bay Tour of Isabela with Las Tintoreras>>
Isabela Island Centro De Crianza tour Galapagos AlterNATIVE
Flamingo Lagoon & Tortoise Breeding Center >>
los tuneles tour Galapagos AlterNATIVE
Boat Tour of the Lava Tunnels >>

San Cristobal Island Activities and Tours

El Junco Lagoon Galapagos AlterNATIVE
San Cristobal Highlands Tour>>