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Tortoises, Marine Iguanas and Flamingos. Take a scenic coastal ride through the wetlands and estuaries of Isabela to the site of the Mural de las Lagrimas (Wall of Tears) to learn about some of the human history of the Galapagos. Next, visit a number of the secluded beaches and viewpoints scattered along the coastline before becoming intimately acquainted with giant (and not so giant) Galapagos tortoises at the Isabela Tortoise Breeding Center. This preserve houses Galapagos tortoises in all sizes and stages of development where you can learn about the intensive efforts underway to help repopulate the islands with these majestic creatures. A stop at a local waterhole may allow for the observation of Pink Flamingos feeding in the wild. You can also choose to walk back to town via a boardwalk through the estuaries, if you wish.

Wetlands by bicycle: This tour is also very popular by bicycle. We can arrange a fully-guided bike tour or just a rental bicycle so you can explore at your own pace. Let your itinerary specialist know your preferences and they will make arrangements.

Tour Highlights and Inclusions:

  • Visit the tortoise breeding center and learn about efforts to preserve the Galapagos tortoise.
  • Observe Pink Flamingos feeding in a lagoon.
  • Explore the coastal wetlands ponds, beaches, volcanic crevices and caves. (bike option available)
  • View shore birds, marine iguanas, sea lions and the typical vegetation of the area.
  • Visit the Wall of tears and learn about the island’s sorted human history.
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Location: The Isabela Wetlands and Estuaries are located west of the town center. The area is accessible by a dirt and gravel road that leads off the main road through town.

Terrestrial Wildlife: Giant Tortoises, Marine Iguanas, Sea Lions, native and endemic fauna.

Difficulty: Moderate: due to exposure; light walking on lava, wooden boardwalks and improved paths with some stairs possible.

You will need: walking shoes, water, hat, sunscreen, snorkel gear, and swimming gear.

Darwin Tortoise Breeding Center resident Isabela Wetlands Tour Galapagos AlterNATIVE Isabela Wetlands by Bicycle Isabela Mural de Lagrimas Tour
Start time: TBD Duration: Half-Day Origin: Isabela Embarcation Point: hotel pick up
Group Size: n/a Vessel Type:Taxi, Bike or Foot Activity level: Moderate Time Needed: 2-4 hrs

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