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Floreana Island Overnight Tour

Floreana Island Galapagos Tour

Floreana is a bird lover's paradise. It was the first of the Galapagos islands to be settled and has a rich human history filled with intrigue and mystery including whalers, wildfires and wildlife. With a little over 100 inhabitants, Floreana isn't reknown for it's nightlife but it was the first island to be inhabited and there is a lot to see and do. For the land-lovers, there are reknown birdwatching opportunities. Numerous hiking trails meander through the highlands and wander around early historical sites on the island. For the sea-lovers, the surrounding waters are teeming with marinelife and provide for excellent snorkeling.

Tour Highlights and Inclusions:

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English Name: Floreana Island         Spanish Name: Floreana

Location & Geography: Floreana Island is named after the first president of Ecuador Jose Flores. The island was formed by the now dormant 640 meter Cerro Pajas volcano. Its relatively flat profile and freshwater resources made this island popular among mariner's throughout the centuries.

Terrestrial Wildlife: A devestating fire in the 1800's and feral goats in the 1900's have severely impacted the indigenous flora and fauna of Floreana island. Conservation work is focusing on revitalizing the native plants and animals. Galapagos racers (snakes), hawks, barn owls, rails, and three species of finch, and most notably, the Floreana Mockingbird were indigenous to this island. The Floreana Mockingbird is now only found on two small islets of the main island.

Marine Wildlife: White-tip Sharks, Large Rays, Sea Turtles, Sea Lions, Pelagic and Reef Fish, various Invertebrates

Difficulty: Moderate due to terrain and exposure : hiking over unpaved trails and rocks, dry landing transfer from motor yacht to zodiac to land, snorkeling from beach.

You will need: closed shoes, water, hat, sunscreen, snorkel gear, bathing suit/ change of clothes and light jacket.

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Start time: 7:30am pickup Duration: 2 Day minimum Origin: Santa Cruz Embarcation Point: Puerto Ayora
Group Size: 16-20 maximun Vessel Type: Motor Yatch Activity level: moderate Total Travel Time: 2.5 hours one-way

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