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Land Transportation options - Galapagos AlterNATIVE Tours

Water transportation in the Galapagos Islands is the only way to access many of the points of interest. The tour operators that we utilize are specifically selected for their quality of equipment, level of professionalism and safety records. While designing your custom tour, our itinerary specialists take into consideration the actitivity of the sea, the weather conditions and your personal directives to give you the best activity options for your stay.

Most of the tours we arrange are on shared vessels. If you prefer a little more privacy or comfort simply tell your itinerary specialist and they will make the necessary arrangements.

Below are brief descriptions of the different vessels you may come across on your tours and activities.

Galapagos Island Day Tour Vessels
Uninhabited Island Motor Yachts
Galapagos Islands Motoryatch - Galapagos Day Tours
Uninhabited Island Motor Yachts- The vessels we use for the uninhabited island tours are 30-45 foot motor yachts, which accommodate 16-20 passengers. These larger motor yachts are equiped with full toilets and ample space for meals and relaxing on board. The tours to the uninhabited islands typically require embarcation / disembarcation via zodiac boat (see below).
Day Tour Speed Boats
Galapagos Island Day Tour Motorboat - Galapagos AlterNATIVE Tours
Day Tour Speed Boats - Shorter duration day tours from Santa Cruz and most tours from Isabela and San Cristobal are operated in custom speed boats. These vessels are smaller than the uninhabited island motor yachts and accommodate 10-12 passengers. The day tour speed boats typically have marine toilets and limited space compared to the motor yachts. These vessels may or may not utilize zodiac boats.
Zodiacs / Dinghies/ Pangas
Galapagos Island panga - Galapagos Day Tours
Zodiacs - Most of the tours to uninhabited islands require the use of zodiac boats for embarkation/disembarkation. These small boats are necessary to access the uninhabited islands and some other locals. There are two types of landings with a zodiac boat, dry and wet. A dry landing is from the zodiac to a dock or pier, a wet landing is from the zodiac directly onto the beach, requiring one to get wet upon exiting the boat, hence the name. Though a bit daunting at first, this type of transfer from water to land is unavoidable.
Water Taxis
Galapagos Island Water Taxi - Galapagos AlterNATIVE Tours
Water Taxis - water taxis are the primary mode of transport within the ports of the inhabited islands. You will need to utilize a water taxi from the main piers to your tour vessels and between different points of interest. Water taxi fares range from $.60-$1.00 one-way depending on distance and time of day. Fares for longer distance trips should be negociated in advance.
Private Fishing/Snorkeling Charters
Galapagos Island Sport Fishing Charter Tours - Galapagos AlterNATIVE
Private charters - Depending on the size of your group and your level of comfort, we can arrange private water transportation for the duration of your trip. Whether for a fishing trip, a snorkeling tour or to the uninhabited islands, check out our Charter Fishing Tour page or consult your itinerary specialist for more details.
For more information on transportation options contact one of our Itinerary Specialists.


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