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Land Transportation options - Galapagos AlterNATIVE

Land transportation options in the Galapagos are limited to local taxis, speciality buses and la chiva, the public bus. Transportation logistics based on your level of comfort are included in our Galapagos Island packages. Starting from when you land at the airport to the day you leave, we will coordinate all of your transportation needs.

Transfers are a bit different depending on your arrival airport. Landing at the Baltra Airport requires a bus transfer to the Ithabaca canal ferry followed by a land transfer to the town of Puerto Ayora. Landing in San Cristobal is simplier with a taxi pickup.

Most of the tours we arrange include hotel pick up and drop off in shared vehicles. If you prefer a little more privacy or comfort simply tell your itinerary specialist and they will make the necessary arrangements.

Galapagos Island Land Transportation Options
Galapagos Islands Taxi
White Truck Taxis - The primary mode of transportation on the inhabited islands is the local taxi. These white trucks can be hailed anywhere in the cities and fares range per trip depending on the distance and time of day.
Buses and Shuttles
Galapagos Transportation - charter buses
Buses and shuttles - Depending on your itinerary and tour choices you may travel in a shared bus or shuttle. These vehicles are often used for transport to/from the Ithabaca canal for embarkation as well as for some other tours.
La Chiva
galapagos transportation - bicycle rentals
La Chiva - The local public transportion is a modified flatbed truck called la chiva. La chiva has a specific route through the city and to outlying population centers, what it lacks in comfort is more than made up for in character.
Private Charter Buses & Shuttles
Private charters - Depending on the size of your group and your level of comfort, we can arrange private land transportation for the duration of your trip.
Bicycle Rental
Galapagos Bicycle Rental
Bicycle Rental - If you prefer to get around on your own power, we can arrange rental bicycles on any of the inhabited islands.
For more information on transportation options contact one of our Itinerary Specialists.


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