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Isabela Highlands Tour

Isabela Highlands Tour - Galapagos AlterNATIVE

Pajaro Brujo, Cueva de Sucre, Mirador del Mango & Campo Duro Lunch

Private guided tour

If you would like to see more land on the island of Isabela our Isabela Highlands Tour is a good option. Leaving from town you will ascend through multiple microclimates on your way up into the highlands. Enjoy the panoramic views of the port and surrounding islands from the scenic road. With luck, you will see the elusive Vermilian Fly-Catcher, the famous Pajaro Brujo fluttering through the trees. Descend into the Cueva de Sucre a natural lava tunnel situated deep in the highlands. A stop at the Mirador del Mango allows for more breathtaking views of the high country and surrounds. A hot meal at a quaint highlands farm ends this half-day excursion. This tour can be conducted as a vehicle supported bicycle tour if you would like a little more activity. Your Itinerary Specialist can provide more details regarding bicycles if interested.

Tour Highlights and Inclusions:


Isabela Highlands Tour

Location & Geography: Isabela island is actually six shield volcanoes that have fused over time. It is one of the younger islands in the archepeligo and is also the most volcanically active. Four of the six volcanoes have erupted in the past 50 years and Wolf Volcano, the highest point in the islands, erupted in May of this year.

Terrestrial Wildlife: The highlands of Isabela have distinct microclimates that provide habitat for a variety of bird species including the Vermilian Fly-Ctacher, various Finches, Galapagos Hawks and other birds of prey.

Difficulty: Moderate due to terrain: light hiking on unpaved trails with steep declines, stairs into the caves and some slippery surfaces.

You will need: closed shoes, water, sunscreen, and hat.

Start time: AM or PM start Duration: ~ 4 hrs Origin: Isabela Embarcation Point: n/a
Group Size: Private Vehicle Type: Shuttle Bus Activity level: moderate Total Travel Time: ~ 40 min one way

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