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Playa Escondida Fishing/Snorkel CharterPlaya Escondida Charter Tour

Private guided tour

This fishing/snorkeling private charter tour is an excellent way to grab your own slice of the Galapagos. Playa Escondida is a secluded beach that is only accessible when accompanied by a local fisherman. Because of this restriction this beach is rarely occupied by other groups. It has a long white-sand beach with a protected cove that is excelent for snorkeling and swimming. There is also great fishing nearby which means you may have fresh ceviche for lunch if you have had any luck angling. Playa Escondida can also be added to a Santa Fe charter tour if desired.

Tour Highlights and Inclusions:

Playa Escondida Private Charter Playa Escondida beach Mating Sea Turtles Playa Escondida Galapagos

Spanish Name: Playa Escondida

Location & Geography: Located approximately 30 minutes north along the Santa Cruz coast from Puerto Ayora, Playa Escondida truly is a "hidden beach". The white-sand beach is protected by a natural cove that is ideal for snorkeling.

Terrestrial Wildlife: Marine Iguanas, Herons, Red-Billed Tropicbirds (rare) and various Finches.

Marine Wildlife: Sea Turtles, Sea Lions, Rays, White-Tip Reef Sharks, and various reef fish.

Difficulty: Easy - Moderate: Wet landing - zodiac boat to beach, snorkeling from beach or boat.

You will need: hat, sunscreen, bug spray, water, snorkel gear, and wear your bathing suit.

Grey Heron Playa Escondida Galapagos AlterNATIVE Red-Billed Tropic Bird Galapagos AlterNATIVE Playa Escondida Ceviche Aboard
Start time: 9am hotel Duration: half day Origin: Santa Cruz Embarcation Point: Puerto Ayora
Group Size: private (10 max) Vessel Type: 20ft Outboard Activity level: leisurely Total Travel Time: ~1 hour

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