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To get to Tortuga Bay you must hike an improved trail of rock and boardwalk surrounded by cacti, palo santo trees, and matasarno trees. The walk in the sun is rewarded with a spectacular white sand beach stretching across the southern coast of Santa Cruz. Tortuga Bay beach is famous for its expansive and pristine shoreline that gradually descends into the sparkling Pacific Ocean. It's a great place to try your hand at surfing (be careful) or just relax and soak in the sun with the Marine Iguanas. A snorkel in the beautiful lagoons reveals the full richness of the Galapagos marine life. You can see colorful reef fish, white-tip sharks, rays and the beach's namesake, sea turtles. You should take time to walk through the Marine Iguana sanctuary where you might also catch a glimpse of Blue-Footed Boobies and Frigate birds along the shore.

Tour Highlights and Inclusions:

Tortuga Bay Beach - Galapagos AlterNATIVE Blue-Footed Boobie-Tortuga Bay Tortuga Bay Rockstars-Galapagos AlterNATIVE Galapagos Alternative Tortuga Bay

English Name: Tortuga Bay Beach         Spanish Name: Bahia Tortuga

Location & Geography: Tortuga Bay is an isolated white-sand beach located on the southern coast of Santa Cruz Island. The bay is accessible via an improved path from the southwest side of town and is a popular destination. Surfing is common at the first beach among the locals though there can be very strong currents so caution is required. The second beach and adjacent lagoons are more conducive to snorkeling.

Marine Life: Reef and Pelagic Fish, Sea Turtles, Rays, White-tipped Reef Sharks, Sally Light-Foot Crabs and more.

Terrestrial Wildlife: Marine Iguanas, Frigate Birds, Pelicans, Blue-Footed Boobies and other bird life.

Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous (due to heat and exposure). Improved paved trail with some stairs and small hills. Long walk: 2.5 km/1.55 miles each way. (~30 minute walk to the first beach, ~25 minutes more to the bay).

You will need: walking shoes, hat, water, sunscreen, mask and swim gear.

Tortuga Bay Marine Iguana colony Galapagos AlterNATIVE - Cactus Flower Galapagos AlterNATIVE - marine iguana Galapagos AlterNATIVE Tortuga Bay
Start time: open 6am -6pm Duration: Half-Day Origin: Santa Cruz Embarcation Point: Puerto Ayora
Group Size: n/a Vessel Type: foot Activity level: Moderate Hiking Distance: 3miles/5km round trip

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